Pumpkin - Peeled, diced and spiced with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Slow-cooking our food has been around for centuries
and feeding babies, well, that’s been happening even longer.

As I wrote in the About page, you may know me from The Wholesome Baby Food Guide, my first book published in 2012. That book was based on the popular homemade baby food website I created in 2003, WholesomeBabyFood.com (now a part of Momtastic.com).

There have been so many different, crazy and wonderful things that have happened since 2013; including my sister having a baby after years and years and years of trying.  I am blessed and grateful and so darn happy to have been given a new inspiration 🙂 I hope you will be happy too and enjoy all the new recipes for baby and family! Here's what you will find in my new book.

I have combined  a fabulous and convenient way to cook (in most cases, simply add a few fresh, whole ingredients to a slow cooker, set the heat level, and walk away!) with new and wonderful ways to feed babies as they transition from a diet of breast milk and/or formula to the amazing, tasty world of solid foods.

Transitioning babies to a diet of solid foods is never completely simple and smooth, not even for pediatric professionals. It can be a stressful time for parents, especially when you throw in the current 24-7 availability of parenting advice—much of which offers conflicting views. Plus, we’re more time-crunched than ever, so who has time to prepare a separate meal for baby?

Many parents have concerns about serving their babies packaged, processed foods. And with good reason: Homemade baby food may retain more nutrients than packaged baby foods designed for a long shelf life. Plus, by making your own baby food, you’re able to control the quality of the ingredients and their freshness. But that’s not all. Check out Chapter 1 for additional benefits of homemade baby food.

This website and the book offers parents a sane and simple method of cooking for baby and the entire family, at the same time. More than just a book of baby food purees, this guide offers a broad range of recipes suitable for babies of all ages and stages, easily made in one appliance. Cooking foods for everyone in the family, in the same pot, eases the pressure placed on busy parents to feed their kids healthy, wholesome, and nutritious meals that don’t come from a package, a pouch, or a jar.

With recipes suitable for babies just starting out on solid foods, this book makes a progression from first foods to finger foods and on to meals suitable for older babies, toddlers, and the entire family.

Have a look at the Sections and Chapters below.  And I'm certain that you want to purchase the book so please buy it from Amazon, We will receive a small commission to help defray the costs of cooking tasty foods and raising twin teenage boys! Did I mention twin teenage boy? Yep, you're thanking goodness that you only have a singleton teenager huh!

Part One: Why Make Homemade Baby Food? And Why Use a Slow Cooker?

CHAPTER 1:  Fundamentals of Preparing Homemade Baby Food

CHAPTER 2:  Slow Cooker Basics.

CHAPTER 3:  Choosing Your Ingredients—And Serving Them Safely

CHAPTER 4:  Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods at Every Stage

Part Two: Let’s Get Slow Cooking!

CHAPTER 5: First Foods - Great Single Ingredient Dishes

CHAPTER 6:  Second Foods - Fruit and Veggie Combinations

CHAPTER 7:  Saucey! Fifteen “Beyond Applesauce” Recipes

CHAPTER 8:  Grains & Cereals -Twenty Grain-Based Cereals for Any Time of Day

CHAPTER 9:  Third Foods - Recipes for Fingers, Spoons, and Plates to Please Your Entire Family

Sample Meal Plans